How can I purchase the FLUUX?
Please visit our Products Collections page to browse and purchase all of our different phone models. We are constantly updating our supported phones and vaping products.
How old do you have to be to purchase the FLUUX battery smartphone case?
We require that all of our users be 21+ in order to purchase the FLUUX battery smartphone case and use our companion mobile app.
How much is the FLUUX?
The FLUUX retails for $79.99, but pre-orders on select cases begin at $59.99 for a limited time. Please see the relevant product pages for more information.
Does the FLUUX come in any colors other than black?
As of now, black is the only color that is available. We hope to have more colors and even limited editions in the near future.
What types of phones work with FLUUX?
Our first supported phones are the Apple iPhone X and Xs models.  However, we are working very hard to support more Apple phones and additional manufacturers.  Please visit our Products Collections page to browse and purchase all of our different phone models.
If I have an iPhone, can I use my lightning charging cable and headphones without taking the case off?
The iPhone FLUUX model uses a Lighting cable port, and is Apple MFI certified. This makes the FLUUX a trusted device and will allow you to play music through your Lighting cable headphones, charge your device, and even use Carplay.
What type of charging port does the Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel FLUUX versions use?
The Samsung and Google Pixel FLUUX versions use USB-C for charging.
Does the FLUUX protect your phone from falls or other accidents?
Yes, the FLUUX is designed to give your phone 360-degree protection. The FLUUX has a raised lip in order to protect your screen from a fall. FLUUX is also water-resistant and uses molded silicone and plastic to cushion a large fall.
How big is the battery in the FLUUX case?
It’s 4,000 mAh. For those of us that aren’t battery experts, it’s about 1.5 times the size of an iPhone battery (2,800 mAh).
Will charging my phone drain the entire FLUUX battery?
No! The battery is partitioned in such a way that only about half of the 4,000 mAh battery can go to the phone, while the other 2,000 mAh can be used solely for charging your vaporizer!
How quickly does FLUUX charge a JUUL and smartphone?
The FLUUX can adjust the charging rate from 1 to 2.5 to 5 amps. At 5 amps, the FLUUX can charge your devices at twice the speed of a normal charger.
How many times over can the FLUUX charge my JUUL in a single use?
The FLUUX can charge your JUUL 10 times over. The JUUL is 200 mAh. The FLUUX is 4,000 mAh, half of which is for JUUL charging.
How does the FLUUX case work?
FLUUX simply plugs into your phone by sliding on the back. After a vape is inserted, it will automatically begin to charge and the right row of lights will turn on. If the button on the back is pressed, the FLUUX will begin charging the phone as well and you will see the left row of lights turn on. Press and hold the button on the back for 3 seconds to power off.
How does FLUUX communicate with my phone?
The FLUUX communicates via Bluetooth with your phone automatically.
Why are there two rows of lights on the back?
The two rows of lights on the back of the FLUUX represent the battery capacity.   Left Row = Phone Battery Right Row = Vape Battery
Is the FLUUX mobile app available on the Google Play Store or Apple Store?
The FLUUX mobile app is available to all customers who purchase a phone case.
What value does the FLUUX mobile app give to users?
The FLUUX mobile app allows our users to quantify their vaping habits by providing detailed analytics and insight into how much they are spending and using their vape. The mobile app also provides unparalleled convenience and to users who want a simple, bespoke solution for re-ordering pods and controlling their habit. The FLUUX app learns your behavior and can customize shipments based on your history or desired usage.  We are constantly adding new features so please make sure to always download the latest version.
Do I have to use the mobile app?
The FLUUX mobile app is not required, but it is highly recommended to get the most out of your experience.
How do I contact customer support?
Any time at hello@fluux.com or via chat on our website.
How much does shipping cost?
Please see our Shipping Page for all the latest information on shipping, cost, and fulfillment times.