Fluux App

Monitor Your Usage

Fluux’s companion app gives you the data to empower your decision making. Conveniently see how much you are vaping, spending, and your device’s charge.

Become Informed Through Analytics

Fluux’s Analytics gives you an instant overview of the current month’s money spent, pods used, and pods left. Use these powerful statistics to make informed decisions about your purchasing habits and vaping lifestyle.

Track Overall History

Tap the History tab to see specific blocks of time in your entire Fluux history. See your progress over time to monitor your trends or to help you reduce your usage.

Autoship Pods Effortlessly

Fluux sees when you’re low on pods and can automatically reorder so you never run out. Simply confirm your desired flavors and quantities, enter your billing and shipping information, and new pods will be on their way. You can manually adjust the number of pods shipped if you want to adjust your budgeting or lessen your vaping.