Vape Related Gift Ideas

Vape Related Gift Ideas

Gift-giving can be difficult, and if you don’t share interests, it’s even harder. Whether it’s a holiday or birthday, this list has few ideas of what to get the vape users in your life, whether you are knowledgable about it or not. One of these options is bound to bring a smile to their face.


Skins & Wraps: These stickers come in all sorts of styles. Everything from fun, colorful patterns to pop culture references, there’s something for everyone to personalize their vapes. You are sure to find something that shows you know not just their love of vaping, but their unique sense of style, too!


Vape Cases: Vapes, like any handheld item, are bound to be dropped at some point. To help the loved one in your life avoid broken or scratched vapes, look into getting them a case. These easily slip on and off, and like skins, come in a variety of styles. Made with everything from silicone to leather, some even come with key chain hooks to attach to lanyards or key rings.


Pod Wallets: These nifty wallets are designed to hold a lot more than money. With little pod pockets, the vape user in your life will never have to worry about running out while they are out of the house. Some even come with vape and charger holders. A specialized wallet will help them keep all their essential items in one organized place.


Gift Cards and Subscriptions: If you are looking for something more long term, you can always look into a subscription or gift card. Many companies have monthly pod subscription services, and there are plenty of independent subscription boxes that come with all sorts of accessories. On the other hand, a gift card to a local or online shop will give them the ability to get precisely the item they want. This option is perfect for those more picky giftees.


Fluux: Last but not least, we think FLUUX is an excellent gift for all vape users. This phone case acts as a charger and vape holder all in one. It comes with an app to help monitor pod usage, money spent, and long term trends to support goal setting. With several models, it fits either Android or iPhone devices perfectly.

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