Fluux - The Beginning

Fluux - The Beginning

Hello, Future Fluux Users! 

My name is Chadwick Manning, and I am the Co-founder and CEO of FLUUX. 

The original idea of FLUUX comes from my personal experience with vaping. I found myself struggling with two annoying problems. One, frequently misplacing and eventually losing my vaporizer, and two, running out of power at the most inopportune time.


These issues were causing unnecessary frustration and taxing my bank account. I often made frequent trips to the nearest convenience store to buy another vaporizer. When I was out in public, I would carry around a separate power pack to stay charged. These solutions were neither convenient nor practical.


Then one day while at a bar with one of my close friends and fellow entrepreneurs, the bartender asked, “Is this yours?” while pointing to my vaporizer, which had evidently fallen to the ground. “Yes, it is!” I said while thanking him. I then began a long rant to my friend about how I had spent at least a couple hundred dollars on vaporizers because I lose it so often. 


And thus, the idea of FLUUX was born!  Devise a battery case that stores and charges your smartphone and JUUL.


Over the past year, FLUUX has become more than just a smartphone case that holds and charges your vaporizer and phone. It’s a platform that puts our users in control of their vaping. The FLUUX tailors itself to your behavior through an integrated mobile app that provides unparalleled insight into your vaping habits and spending. From a bespoke pod re-ordering plan to vaping cessation plans, FLUUX has a solution for your lifestyle.


There will be many more new features and exciting details to come, so make sure to sign up for our updates.


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