How Fluux Can Help You to Vape Less

Are you vaping more than you want to? Are you racing through your e-liquid and struggling with rising daily and weekly costs? Vaping can be an expensive habit, and while better for you than cigarettes, you may decide to decrease your dependency. The good news is that you can reduce the number of times you use your vape and save money with the right approach. In this article, we'll take a look at ways Fluux can help you control your habit and your budget.


Easy Storage, Easy Tracking


If we asked you now how many times you have used your vape today, would you be able to answer confidently? When you are using your vape often, and it's within easy reach, you might be using it without thinking. A few puffs here, a few puffs there; before you know it, you've reached the end of another pod. With Fluux, you can keep track easily thanks to the storage compartment. While the action of removing your JUUL™ from the Fluux case is smooth and convenient, you'll be more aware of when and how often you are using it. You also can use the companion app to track your usage.


One App to Tell You All


Fluux is so much more than a case. It's a robust case, battery, and monitor in one. Thanks to the innovative Fluux app, you can get analytics and insights about your vaping habits. It shows your history, goals, and the amount of money spent on pods. With Fluux, you'll never lose track, and you can see how often you vape to make informed decisions. For example, you might be using your JUUL™ more during the day while you are at work, or maybe you use it more at the weekends when you are socializing with friends. With these insights close to hand, you can make the changes you need to reduce your vape use and save money.


Set Goals and Challenge Yourself


One of the best things about the Fluux app is that you can set goals to challenge yourself. Fluux monitors how many pods you are using and adjusts the number of pods that ship to you based on your usage history. This process is an automated and easy way to reduce your vaping habit. You can also look back over the previous history and challenge yourself to use and spend less the following month. Being able to check back over your history is a great way to monitor your progress and create the motivation and willpower you need to keep going.


Pinpoint Triggers


Another way that the Fluux case can help you to track and reduce vape use is through the ability to pinpoint the triggers and behaviors that have you reaching for your JUUL™. Whenever you find yourself using your JUUL™, write down or note on your mobile phone what you were doing at the time and why you felt the need to use it. This ritual can be a great way of identifying triggers and can help you to avoid them in the future.


Keep Track with Fluux


Whether you are looking to reduce your vape use or save money on pods, the Fluux case and app is one of the smartest ways to do so. Within a few days of using our app, you'll be able to see how much you are spending, how much you are using, and start to plan ways you can reduce your usage and save money in the process.

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Backside view of Fluux phone case with indicator lights blinking full.

Control your vaping with the only battery phone case that monitors your vape.

Track pods, usage, & understand your behavior all while charging.

Backside view of Fluux phone case with indicator lights blinking full.
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View of the Fluux app home screen showing charge status of vape and case.
View of the Fluux app analytics screen showing money spent, pods used, and pods left.
View of the Fluux app history screen showing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views of the analytics.
View of the Fluux app refill screen showing the step in which you choose your favorite flavors.


High Capacity Battery

Get nearly one and a half phone charges or 20 full JUUL charges, or something in between.

2x Faster Charging

With our superior batteries, you can charge your phone in 1 hour or JUUL within 30 minutes.

360 Degree Protection

Fluux absorbs the hardest falls while still allowing easy access to ports, volume, and hold buttons.

JUUL Storage

You can securely, discreetly, and conveniently store your JUUL.

Mobile App

Get analytics and insights about your vaping habits, goals, history, and money spent on pods.

Apple Certified

Recharge your Fluux with the lightning cable, charge your phone without error messages, and plug in your lightning cable headphones without issues.

Headshot of Penelope R.

Fluux has changed the way I use my JUUL. I keep my pod stored in my Fluux case, and know just how many times I’m taking it out each day.

Penelope R.

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I really like how I can charge by my Juul and iPhone at the same time. It's awesome not carrying around 2 separate cords and plugs all the time.

Noah W.

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I used to hate worrying about running out of power on my Juul. Now I never stress about staying charged, plus my iPhone gets extra battery life, too!

Priscilla S.

Tons of Charge. Lightning Fast.

With our 4000mAh battery, your phone and JUUL will charge twice as fast.

Backside view of Fluux phone case with indicator lights blinking full. Backside view of Fluux phone case with indicator lights blinking full.
Backside view of Fluux phone case at a slight angle.

Power in Protection.

Fluux absorbs the shock of the hardest falls, keeping your devices safe and protecting your investment.

Backside view of Fluux phone case at a slight angle.

Keep on Keeping on.

Fluux doesn't block your USB-C or Lightning port, so you can use your existing cables, plug in your headphones, and use Apple CarPlay without having to take your case off.

Bottom view of Fluux phone case that shows lightning port and speaker openings.
Woman extracting her vape from the Fluux case.
Man holding his vape and Fluux case.
Woman sitting on bench, holding Fluux case and vape, looking at her phone.
Fluux case with vape inserted resting on bench.
Man retrieving his Fluux and vape from his coat pocket.