Fluux for You


Our case design makes taking your vape with you effortless and integrates charging as a seamless part of your routine. Never get stuck misplacing your vape or finding it out of charge again.


Using analytics, we provide you the knowledge to make informed decisions on your usage. Use our tools to budget your pods and see which months you may have gone over your usual trend.


Use our app to order more pods when needed, or set wellness goals to decrease your vaping. Gain control of your lifestyle by creating objectives and tracking your progress.

Phone Cases


High Capacity Battery

Get nearly one and a half phone charges or 20 full JUUL® vaporizer charges, or something in between.

2x Faster Charging

With our superior batteries, you can charge your phone in 1 hour or JUUL® vaporizer within 30 minutes.

360 Degree Protection

Fluux absorbs the hardest falls while still allowing easy access to ports, volume, and hold buttons.

JUUL® Vaporizer Storage

You can securely, discreetly, and conveniently store your JUUL® vaporizer.

Mobile App

Get analytics and insights about your vaping habits, goals, history, and money spent on pods.

Apple Certified

Recharge your Fluux with the lightning cable, charge your phone without error messages, and plug in your lightning cable headphones without issues.

The Fluux App

View of the Fluux app home screen showing charge status of vape and case.
View of the Fluux app analytics screen showing money spent, pods used, and pods left.
View of the Fluux app history screen showing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views of the analytics.
View of the Fluux app refill screen showing the step in which you choose your favorite flavors.

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Fluux for Business

Vaping has a Cost for Your Business

Help your employees monitor, reduce, and quit vaping with the help of Fluux. Find out how Fluux will revolutionize the workplace.

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